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  1. Yes. Thanks for sharing this. I will probably keep (and pay for) ezPDF. It looks like I have to eat a small amount of humble pie because ezPDF is recognised by Evernote as a editing tools whereas none of the other apps I've tried are even though the Android OS itself does recognise them. I'm guessing that only ezPDF has been writing to specifically interface other apps rather than just files accessed direct from storage. If this is true then it's the fault of the app developers and not the Evernote team.
  2. I always have the latest of all my apps installed. I'm well aware of the capabilities of Skitch and it remains an very basic, even "Noddy", mark-up tool that doesn't even being to approach the type of editing I'm looking for. Very disappointing lack of performance from Evernote.
  3. What, if anything has happened with this issue? Are EN doing anything about it? The problem has been mentioned many times in this forum and has been around for years without resolution or even comment by EN. I need to be able to properly edit pdf files using my mobile devices and I would to do this without having to save, edit and reload to EN. If nothing is known to happening then I'll raise it as "Feature Request".
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