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  1. Experimented recently troubleshooting some lagging issues and discovered that the "Simplify Formatting" function can improve responsiveness significantly for particular notes. Also, there could be a correlation with notes using a large number of bullet points. Hope this helps someone. =) -mark
  2. Yes! Add ability to highlight multiple notes and set reminder time, i.e., "Bulk Change Due Date"
  3. Is this fixed? Running 6.9 in Mac and urls being sent via Zapier aren't automatically clickable.
  4. dfm, great suggestion... thank you! Another workaround is to adjust your process. The first time I go through a list, I check all boxes. The next time I go through the list, I uncheck all boxes. I simply alternate between checking and unchecking. Not an elegant solution, but I do find it effective. -mark
  5. GM, I'm pretty sure the "any:" term applies to EVERYTHING in the Search line. So you can NOT do an ANY of the Title AND require a tag. That is EXACTLY why boolean search is needed. <<< This. Would love to see this feature.
  6. +1 I've wittingly deleted several notes due to not having a prompt. It happens most often when I'm trying to modify a search using the delete button. If I enter an extra delete after the removing the last search term, a note will be deleted if highlighted. By the way, is there a way to check the status of particular issues (like this one) to see if they are being considered by Evernote Development? Like a status of "In Progress", "Working As Designed", etc. Thanks!
  7. +1 This would be great. Anyone know if there's an enhancement request on file?
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