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  1. Thanks. I am a passionate believer in the web and have been since it's inception. I'm in the tech bus (30 years) btw. I live in the browser - I expand my browser to become my whole desktop. I don't use any native apps. 99% of the apps I use (and that are available) don't even have a native app for Windows, MAC etc. I'm surprised - shocked actually - that you have a non- web "native app" - that's extremely rare these days (near extinction - thankfully. ). I really like Evernote a lot so I'll have to live with it as or find something else. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated!
  2. I'd says it when creating notes not search. Anytime I create a note or select a note to edit there is a delay. I am using the web version btw. It's my own personal policy that I won't use any s/w unless it has a pure web native interface. In any case, I just tried it again. I select "new note" and there is a delay. At least there seems to be so to me. I've been noticing this for weeks as I've really committed to using Evernote heavily. I really like Evernote..and am on my way of loving it. I am on a MacBook Pro with Core i7 (quad core), 16GB of memory and 500MB solid state drive. I was having performance problems for week so I googled and found this thread.
  3. Ditto for me. I am running Evernote on a top of the line MacBook Pro - top of the line maxed out and a 50mbit internet connection. Everything else works fine so I know it's now anything to do with infrastructure. It's something to do with Evernote. I have a tiny Evernote DB but it's so annoyingly slow, I may look for an alternative. Please do something Evernote. Poor performance defeats the whole value/purpose of the product.
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