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  1. http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/39907-used-to-have-offline-access-to-notes-without-premium/ Understood - it is cached copy which might work or not. So, premium is the only way to go for local copy of notes.
  2. Evernote does not publish their road map or ETAs. I was not asking for any roadmaps or timeframes. Mere feedback of someone involved in this feature, if it make sense or not would be good way forward. As is now, handwritting is still not per level as in samsung apps. Syncing feature of S-Note and Evernote is not cutting it for me.
  3. Hello, I am very happy that handwritting is now natively suported in Evernote (so I am thinking of switching to Evernote for full). So far I was using S-Note app on Samsung galaxy note tablet. it is missing all the features of Evernote, but inetrgation with wacom stylus is really good. Writing with it is easy and precise. What is important is that when using stylus one can disable "hand inputs" which happend when one lean the hand on screen. This nicely protect inputs from leaned hand. Evernote does not have that since it is assumed you might write with finger / hand. is it planned to have some sort of protection agains leaned hand and allow only stylus inputs when sytlus available ? j
  4. Helo, I am a bit puzzled with Premim offer which says you can easily access notes when offline. I am currently using freemium model, and I am being able to replicate between Desktop, tablet and smartphone. When not connected to the network I can access note, change it and save it. After being connected, note will be replicated to other devices. Maybe I got it wrong ? So, what Premium model offers on top of that ? thanks, j
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