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  1. Just a question about the proposed solution of making a copy of the notes to be shared. Is this not creating a big future problem because now you have duplicates upon duplicates of your existing notes. If you make a change, or one of the people that you shared the note with makes a change, then how can this be reflected in the original note?
  2. Sorry, on a related question. Is there a keyboard short cut for this action? I do not see one mentioned in http://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23168732 I will study the keyboard shortcuts to see if I can navigate from the editor to the list view. And thanks to all the users who are helping here!
  3. Thank you for the link to the FAQ. There is one *key* bit that a newbie like me missed ..... "right-click the note **in the note list** and choose Copy Note Link". I can see that @jbenson2 said exactly that but as a newbie I did not read his answer carefully enough and, as a new user, I was thinking about working with the note as it appears in the edit view. Is this technique only good for the desktop versions? I guess that smartphone editions don't have anything like this. I wonder about the web client....?
  4. If possible, I would like to know how to learn about the solution from the help documents or whatever. I do check these out and will go back to them again later if I forget. So, if anyone wants to just provide a link to the manual I'll be happy to read it
  5. Thank you for the quick replies. Sorry that I can not make either work. Does it make a difference which device I use Evernote on? At this time I use it on the Mac and iPhone. In the Mac client I can not drag one note onto of another. Nothing seems to happen. Also the right click menu does not have an option "Copy Note Link". It does have a "Link" option with a submenu "Add Link". But this seems to be the "add link to web page" function. I will need to know the answer for the iPhone and iPad as well. One good thing about your answers .... i did not know there was a back icon. That is handy. Cheers
  6. I'm new to EN and wonder if it is possible to make one note link to another. So for example, I take a note during a meeting about a various projects. I'd like to make a link to those projects. And on those project notes I'd like a link back to the meeting notes. I hope this isn't a question that has been answered a dozen times already! Bryan
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