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  1. i am talking about Evernote version 4.0.4 on android 4.1.1. having ability to store notes on external detachable sd card instead of internal USB (extra memory) and also instead of internal main app storage memory. The version 6 stores notes on internal main app memory, what troubles is that it doesn't even store it on internal (extra) USB storage. I too hope someone works on this because evernote 4.0.4 has very less features and is good only for slow mobiles
  2. Well now i have started using evernote version 4.0.4 which saves notes on SD card, so the fact that you mention about android using database on main memory sounds wrong. Its definitely a problem with current evernote version which needs to be rectified
  3. Hi We might have been a bit lazy with our terms earlier on, but to be accurate this is not 'memory' we're talking about, but permanent storage in the internal space in an Android device, or on the external SD card. Unless you have "offline searching" switched on for all your notebooks, Evernote does not save notes permanently on a mobile device. Notes are synced to the cloud for storage and only kept in temporary space on the phone which will be given up when it's needed. As I understand it, any restriction on what can be stored internally or externally is an Android thing, not an Evernote decision, so it's unlikely to change anytime soon. It's not a 'problem' with Evernote, it's the way Android works. So, if its android problem, how come color notes saves it on sd card ?
  4. How is it possible on a rooted android. i have rooted it but still there is no way to point evernote to save database and note files on sd card instead of app memory, which lead me to uninstall it from android, now only windows desktop version is operational. if you know how i can shift notes on micro sd, do tell me so that i can use it again on android
  5. Today i found that evernote saves files and notes on internal memory irrespective of moving the app to external card, thus causing my phone to lose usable memory because i reached over 130 notes which makes it a pointless to use evernote for me. I started using it thinking it would really be helpful app where i will store 1000s of notes but this glitch is bad. So please make it capable of saving notes to external memory to make it worth use app, which uses not more than app storage space in app/internal memory. So i am myself going through this trouble, because of which i have uninstalled evernote from android and will use only windows desktop version till this problem is sorted as i find evernote a great app
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