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  1. I'd like to use shorter abbreviated notebook and tag names when forwarding emails to Evernote. I have a ton of notebooks and tags, but mostly, I use just a few. (my apologies if this has already been suggested) Here's what the new Notebook toolbar might look like (the {} words are the abbreviated notebook/tag names; brackets would also work) NOTEBOOKS Business (3203) Toyota {t} (5347) Ford {f} (509) GM (2) Pomona (47) Personal {p} (563) TAGS Components {comp} (199) Biking {bk} (233) FPGA {f} (107) Robot Apocalyps
  2. I tend to keep a lot of PDF files in Evernote. I usually end up viewing them using Acrobat, b/c the Evernote PDF viewing capabilities are limited. Here are a few quick suggestions for some simple improvements that would make viewing PDF files a lot easier. Improve navigation between pages Moving between pages is awkward. You have to hit the arrows in the grey pop up window that says "Page 1 of 4593 pages" (uh, I have some seriously large PDF files) Make the PageUp and PageDown keys move one page backwards and forwards, respectively (as in Acrobat)Make the Mouse scroll button not only move wi
  3. I when I draw, the line appears on the screen slightly offset from the point of touch, which makes it challenging for me to draw fine details or even properly form characters after lifting the pen off the screen. I've tired holding the pen essentially vertically, but there's still enough of an offset to make it difficult. I can't believe that anyone could have drawn those beautiful demo pictures shown on the website if this is what they had to deal with? Someone told me that ZoomNotes works with this pen and that they had to incorporate a calibration step for it to work reliably. Is there a w
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