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  1. I like to share but sometimes I need to be more secure! Sharing my data stored in Evernote with those who don't use Evernote sounds useful, however is this funcationality any better than publishing the information on your own blog site and linking to that instead? I know Evernote provides a link which cannot be searched by the likes of Google but is that enough? The link can be circulated to any party without sight of who is accessing it. You could adopt a policy of only sharing data already in public domain. Things that can be done to improve data control. 1. Link expiry. If you no longer wish to share, expire the link. Currently doesn't exist in Evernote Business but should be a straight forward win. 2. Use certicates to encrypt. Present an access log to my data. e.g. Reporting back on certificate use and data decryption, when, where and who. The recipient of the link would follow a simple registeration process, create an account, access the data. Now if I no longer wish to share the data I can revoke the certificate and stop decryption. None of these exist in the Business product yet they would improve the security of the service.
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