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  1. This is finally solved for m, by the Evernote support and Engineering teams. The issue is with a single bad note that Evernote cannot generate a card preview for.


    1) Upgrade to Evernote 6.0.9 Beta

    2) Enable preview note logging. Note, this will cause note titles to show up in your Evernote activity log.

    In a terminal, run: defaults write com.evernote.Evernote ENNotePreviewDebuggingEnabled -bool YES

    3) Quit evernote, and re-open it and force a sync

    4) Go to the Evernote activity log, and look for a "Start Preview" that doesn't have a corresponding "Finish Preview" line. It's easier to spot if you are in "side list view" as there should just be the broken note generating a preview

    5) Export any notes that never finish generating a preview

    6) Delete broken notes, and make sure to permanently erase them from your trash

    7) Quit Evernote and re-open it.


    CPU usage should be back to a normal level (i.e. not 100%)


    You can then re-import the broken note(s) and they'll no longer cause this high CPU utilization bug



    I tried to follow the process but do not understand "force sync" on step 3  nor step 4.

    Perhaps the Evernote team could explain in greater details the critical steps?

    I still get 100-150% on restart of the app for a while

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