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  1. Thank you. These are the easy parts for me.



    Forcing a sync does not do much (lasts a second or two)

    Looking into the activity log and searching for the string "Start Preview" only lists the last few notes I made modifications to. Dos not show me the broken notes if any.


    On the plus side, the 100% CPU usage does not last longer than a few minutes now.

  2. This is finally solved for m, by the Evernote support and Engineering teams. The issue is with a single bad note that Evernote cannot generate a card preview for.


    1) Upgrade to Evernote 6.0.9 Beta

    2) Enable preview note logging. Note, this will cause note titles to show up in your Evernote activity log.

    In a terminal, run: defaults write com.evernote.Evernote ENNotePreviewDebuggingEnabled -bool YES

    3) Quit evernote, and re-open it and force a sync

    4) Go to the Evernote activity log, and look for a "Start Preview" that doesn't have a corresponding "Finish Preview" line. It's easier to spot if you are in "side list view" as there should just be the broken note generating a preview

    5) Export any notes that never finish generating a preview

    6) Delete broken notes, and make sure to permanently erase them from your trash

    7) Quit Evernote and re-open it.


    CPU usage should be back to a normal level (i.e. not 100%)


    You can then re-import the broken note(s) and they'll no longer cause this high CPU utilization bug



    I tried to follow the process but do not understand "force sync" on step 3  nor step 4.

    Perhaps the Evernote team could explain in greater details the critical steps?

    I still get 100-150% on restart of the app for a while



    Version 6.0.7 (451372 Direct)


    6.0.6 was working fine.

    Solved my Spotlight problem by reverting back to 6.0.5.



    How many of you are seeing Spotlight search issues in 6.0.7 but it worked for you in 6.0.6?  Is it a large number of people?  It sounds spotlight search is working for lykoz.  I believe there is still an issue with the App store version if you have ever used the download version and the app store version where spotlight search gets confused as to where it should look for our Spotlight search importer. 


    I am having issues with Spotlight. tried to trash the database/cache and restart but it did not work. will trash the app and the rest and try again

  4. Regarding Spotlight issue:


    1- Delete the v5.6, the entire com.evernote.Evernote folder

    2- Download the app again, then let the sync re-instal the notes 


    seems to resolve the Spotlight search


    (I have about 2000+ notes)


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