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  1. Thanks so much. I used AppCleaner to expurgate my copy after archiving my Library/Application Support/Evernote folder for safety, installed from Evernote directly (as before), and the app opened nicely and then synched with the cloud data and, amazingly, all is now well. Complete removal of Evernote was obviously the key. Of course that begs the question, what happened on my computer to cause this trouble in the first place, but some things in life a simply mystery. Now I will try turning 2-step authentication on at google again... So thanks again! e michael
  2. On Mac OSX Mavericks. Evernote Desktop, free, will no longer finish loading. When I click the dock icon or the app in the Applications folder, OR if i use the Chrome webclipper, the desktop app will open, display recent clips, Notebooks, etc in the left column, but the entire right, main content column is entirely blank, and the spinner just spins merrily away. When I use the Chrome webclipper, the only additional feature is that a synching dialog appears, with its progress bar fixed at 100%, but it never goes away. I am not sure if this problem began after enabling 2-step authentication
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