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  1. Try using the Ctrl+Alt+T shortcut when you want to tag, then. That will show all the tags (provided you do not have "Hide unassigned tags" in the dialog checked). Works for single notes and multiple notes. This is exactly the answer I was looking for, thanks. I'm just diving both feet in to Evernote and couldn't believe it wouldn't have such an obvious (and obviously valuable feature) if you're truly going to be tossing in stuff from every corner of your life and interests - and many articles suggest tagging copiously and often. So the "pick tags from tag list" feature exists in the note compose window, and my "feature suggestion" then is to "make sure the featured is actually featured" where new users will encounter it - so that we know it exists. And I actually think it's important enough that displaying the tag list should either be a right-click option when tagging a note, or appear when you click on the three downward arrows that just open an empty tag box to fill in - when you may - or maybe more often may not - know exactly which tags you want to use for the note. Or at least be mentioned in the tutorial and help pages we're most likely to encounter as new users.
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