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  1. The issue is with both versions of EN since reminders sync between OS systems, and the problem involves receipt of an email containing reminders for multiple notes. I use Outlook 2013. Regardless, I received a reminder email this morning for the first time in weeks. The design of the email appears to be updated so perhaps it was a bug with the update. I have not heard anything from EN Tech Support.
  2. (277494) Public on Windows 7 and El Cap (don't have access to version right now but believe it is the most recent).
  3. After years of consistently receiving reminder emails, I have recently stopped receiving them. I am confident that: They are enabled Not going to my junk mail I have reminders for the day I have filed a ticket with Evernote support but I'm still waiting for a response. Has anyone experienced this issue? Thanks.
  4. +1 that the new clipper's functionality is not an improvement. It is slow to launch and tagging is less efficient. Though, I do like the option to select attachments but not worth the other issues.
  5. This is also a problem for me. Evernote has become almost unusable. I tried deleting my local database and resyncing but it did not help. Any solutions?
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