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  1. Thanks Christopher, this is very helpful! Thanks for these tips! Local notebooks are ok, but I really want it on my phone too... Looks like both Voodoo and Devon are iOS only, any recommendations for Android? Maybe local notebooks + BoxCryptor? Scott--your point is well taken, and for that reason I *can't* use evernote for any sensitive material, despite all indications being that the efficiency boost might be life-changing. But having lurked on the sidelines for years over this issue, I thought I'd speak up with a couple of specific user stories on why full-notebook encryption should
  2. +1 Evernote, please add full-notebook encryption. I'm a lawyer. The law on attorney-client and work product privilege requires me to keep client information confidential. If there's no encryption, and my notes are in plaintext, I can't guarantee that doesn't break privilege. This is the case for every lawyer in the US, so until you add full-notebook encryption, using your product for serious work puts us and our clients at risk. The limited encryption you do offer is cumbersome and it breaks search--sufficiently crippled so as to make the whole product not worth it. More broadly, the
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