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  1. Thanks Christopher, this is very helpful! Thanks for these tips! Local notebooks are ok, but I really want it on my phone too... Looks like both Voodoo and Devon are iOS only, any recommendations for Android? Maybe local notebooks + BoxCryptor? Scott--your point is well taken, and for that reason I *can't* use evernote for any sensitive material, despite all indications being that the efficiency boost might be life-changing. But having lurked on the sidelines for years over this issue, I thought I'd speak up with a couple of specific user stories on why full-notebook encryption should be moved up in EN's development backlog. In the meantime, I will continue watching and waiting...
  2. +1 Evernote, please add full-notebook encryption. I'm a lawyer. The law on attorney-client and work product privilege requires me to keep client information confidential. If there's no encryption, and my notes are in plaintext, I can't guarantee that doesn't break privilege. This is the case for every lawyer in the US, so until you add full-notebook encryption, using your product for serious work puts us and our clients at risk. The limited encryption you do offer is cumbersome and it breaks search--sufficiently crippled so as to make the whole product not worth it. More broadly, the lack of practical encryption also calls into question whether stuff saved to evernote qualifies for trade secret protection. That's because trade secret law requires you keep your trade secrets, well, secret. No encryption = no confidentiality = good bye trade secret. I suppose you could have Chris Dahl issue an opinion letter stating that your product doesn't break privilege or waive trade secret protection, with an offer to indemnify your users in the event that turns out to not be true. But I suspect he wouldn't be ok with that...
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