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  1. Hi dlu, signing out and in again did the trick. Thank you! Maybe you should put that info into the bug fix description. I restarted the machine but would never have thought about signing out. Seems a bit slower than before the server upgrades but okay. Just happy that sync is working again. Sven
  2. Hi there, despite the bug fix in version the international version of Evernote is still not syncing in China. It still tries to connect to app.yinxiang.com. Here is the activity log: 12:28:34 [8088] Client synchronization started12:28:34 [8840] 0% Connecting to app.yinxiang.com/edam/user12:28:34 [8840] 0% Updating user "submono"12:28:34 [8840] 0% EDAMSystemException: errorCode=INVALID_AUTH message="authenticationToken"12:28:34 [8840] 0% Session terminated abnormally, elapsed time: 0s12:28:34 [8840] 0% * sent: 131B, received: 57B12:28:34 [8840] 0% EDAMUserException: errorCode=INV
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