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  1. Everyone, My attachments are turning to URL links VS. a file. Anyone else notice this issue? KC
  2. I hear what your saying, however a "feature" of opening and editing attached documents is that you dont have to save separately and then reattach the document. The save, exit, does it all for you. I'm asking why it works on non-DEX mode, vs DEX mode. Cam anyone else double check? Thanks.
  3. Unsure of the user base here for DEX but thought I would put this out here and see if it's a common issue, or just me. Using Dex on Tab S4, I noticed that attachments like a spreadsheet gets a "resource not changed" message when opening. And indeed I can't update the sheet and save the file back to evernote. I can do this when out of evernote however. Can someone replicate? (I have deleted the apps and re - installed) Thanks, KC
  4. Kcoursey


    On android you can use the attach file icon to search for a saved excel file on your phone. KC
  5. This is verified on newest device, note 8. MS Excel won't edit + save but office suite WILL edit + save. KC
  6. Thank you for the info. I will send a report and see what happens. Appreciate the help.
  7. Thanks for the help here Gazumped...As you can see from my previous post, I completely re-installed all apps after a full system wipe. no luck! I'm not sure what else to try.
  8. Well odd stuff indeed...tried to reset the phone to see if maybe it was an issue with the installation and reloaded everything back up, but no luck...same issue. This feature works on my tablet but not on the phone. Very odd... I noticed that the "temp" folder is created when trying to edit the spreadsheet but for what ever reason I can't save the edited version back to evernote. I'm not sure what the deal is here.
  9. Okay, I tried delteing the app and Office Suite as well...I then added them back...the feature worked when creating a note, but once the note gets "synced" to the server...I can no longer access and edit the document on my phone. The tablet can! SO weird! So this leads me to believe that there is something going on with my phone! ARGH! It's rooted and I am using the External SD card as the main storage...I wonder if that's the issue...(on the tablet it's unrooted and all is being saved in the regular method) Shoot! Can anyone replicate this?
  10. Not recurring at all... On the tablet version you get a calendar to pick your day on the phone version you get the "spinning wheel of dates." I'm just asking to get that feature on the phone version, anyone know how to do that?
  11. Negative. I've downloaded them first and still can't edit the contents and save back to the note. This really is an issue. If you have to use your computer every time you want to edit a document, why have an app for a tablet or phone at all?
  12. Um okay. I think I get that the "quick" pick of a date is ideal for this set up. I'm asking what if we do Bimonthly or monthly remreminders.i can't imagine I'm the only one.
  13. No, nothing works...this is a huge disaster for me as I use this feature a lot and now it seems to be broken! Any help would be great!
  14. Theresa, thanks I know and understand how to turn the "dial" on the date picker...what I'm saying is how do you know if you just picked a saturday or a tuesday?
  15. Just started to run into this problem...I'm a premium user with the latest version of EN and Officesuite (Trial). Using on both a Note 8 and Note 3. (tablet and phone) I used to be able to edit the attached spreadsheets on a note and now they are not. I open them using the "edit" button but can't save...see attached pictures. Any help would be great as I use this every hour! Thanks, KC
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