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  1. stuball - I get that they don't support a Beta version...but the fact is that they have the developer's Beta and have had it much longer than the public has had the public Beta. It's frustrating that they just basically say "it's your problem." You know they have to have some solutions. I'm getting more and more frustrated with EN's attitude and the level of customer service compared to what it once was. The problem is that there's nowhere to go. Tried OneNote but it's incredibly slow on a Mac and just hangs.
  2. I have updated, still crashing. Using the new iPad Pro 10.5 and an iPhone 6s.
  3. Could be, Brammy. At the same time, it feels like Evernote's product support and customer service is getting to be progressively poorer. As a long-time premium user, I expected better than what we're getting.
  4. Interesting - I contacted Cultured Code about a similar issue over the weekend. They already are putting out an update to address this. Wonder why Evernote isn't so quick to respond?
  5. csihilling - removed Evernote, rebooted, re-installed. No difference. Evernote still crashes when I try to open it.
  6. No I haven’t tried that -thanks for the tip. Will give it a try.
  7. I installed the iOS 11 Public Beta last week. Ever since then, I cannot run Evernote on my iPad. It crashes every time I try to open it. Have done restarts, soft resets, and hard resets, but all to no avail. I hope Evernote’s developers are working on an update for the iOS App.
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