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  1. Thanks, Nick -- so Android 10 is supported, as long as it's not Beta... I am still bitten by Evernote not opening pdfs via Adobe (on my Note 9). It took me a little while to realize that it was only when Evernote tried opening the pdf, not thru other Android apps. Moral for me is to get to the Evernote Android forum earlier in the trouble-shooting process :).
  2. Nick, I was glad to see that Ashcroft found an uninstall/reinstall fix for his phone. Per your comment, how do we know what Android versions are "officially supported" at any time? If Verizon says there's a system update available but I'm getting ready to go on a trip where I really need all my Evernote data, it would be great to know what Android versions NOT to update to.
  3. I was wrong about numbering. Chat just said 5.3.0.xxxx betas are real versions of 5.3, so if you're running betas, you'll need to do the uninstall to go 'back' to a 5.2.1
  4. I'm betting that was supposed to be labeled, but Chat is taking forever to confirm/deny that.
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