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  1. so, i upgraded to the latest evernote. now the notes it complains about are in notebook "unsynced notes". I dragged them to a synced notebook, but when i sync it puts them back. Any ideas?
  2. I did submit a support ticket and I am still waiting... there have been a few similar topics, but covering my situation where the text definitely did not have invalid characters. Are there no other suggestions?
  3. I installed the IFTTT action for Captain's log, but when I say "add to captain's log" siri just searches the web for captain's log. What am I missing?
  4. thanks for the suggestion. the files were txt files written purely in roman characters. not that it is relevant to this case, but does evernote not support unicode anyway? the files are only in evernote now...
  5. Hi, Evernote says that a number of my notes have invalid characters. What should I do? Thanks
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