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  1. What would totally solve this conundrum for ALL of us would be the ability for users to create their own customizeable and accessible metadata fields. Those capabilities don't need to be huge, but it would allow users to transform simple Evernote collections into hugely powerful tools for managing documents and data. The fact that so many people used "Creation Date" for other purposes (for me, the historical dates of the events I'm tracking in my research) just shows that users will shoehorn themselves into creative ways to use existing structures, until Evernote finally allows us to create custom metadata... To me, custom metadata fields is the "holy grail" of Evernote, but one it seems they steadfastly refuse to implement...
  2. That would be HUGELY appreciated! I'll stay tuned! Thank so much!!!
  3. Thanks Peter! I'm glad your folks are staying tuned to this... Can you give us any likelihood as to whether this is an issue that can be rectified? I've got 66,000 notes in Evernote, and it's definitely going to stay as my long term archive and reference source. But without the ability to see and edit those dates, it's become unusable for me as a writing tool. I've spent the morning looking at other options (Scrivener, OneNote, etc.). If there is a possibility this capability will be back within a year or two, I'll be less desperate to find an alternative... Thanks for responding and staying tuned! --W P.S... How easy is it to go back to an earlier version?
  4. YES! Besides being difficult to edit, it's now simply not visible in the note at all, and that's going to be impossible for me! At the very least it should be displayed, even if it's a pain to edit... I have this nightmare scenario in front of me of editing thousands of notes so the date is in the body of the note now. The more I think about this, the more impossible it's looking...
  5. I just spent an hour trying to figure out how to display and edit the Created Date in the new version, only to discover (via this thread) that it is now permanently only in the Info box. That discovery has put a cold feeling in my stomach, because it's going to make Evernote almost completely unusable for my work! I'm an author that's working on a book set in the 1800's. I'm using the Created Date to keep track of hundreds of notes that are time stamped to the date the historical incident takes place. Just this morning I added about 100 new notes, and I was preparing to give them their dates (so I can sort them amongst my other hundreds of notes), only to discover that each time I need to edit it, I now have to open up the info dialog. This is a HORRIBLE design decision on the part of Evernote! I'm sure I'm not the only person out there that has built entire systems in the platform that relies on the editing of the create date in order to be able to stay organized and productive. Another example: I archive important e-mail to Evernote, about every six months. I then need to go in and change those dates to the dates of the actual e-mail. I had a macro that would do that, but it's clearly no longer going to work. I'm kind of freaked out that they would do this... Ugh.... {:{(}
  6. The freezing bug bites me all the time too... I frequently have to just click out and go do something else, and come back to Evernote when things have thawed out. It's frustrating, but luckily, I don't often need to make a note while on a phone call or with a time crunch, so it's been tolerable. In cases where I need to, I resort to working on the iPad rather than the computer (I keep both open most of the time). The worst of it is when I click in the search box and start typing. It pretty much ALWAYS freezes when I do that. But my EverNote is kind of huge. I have about 65,000 notes and growing. I pretty much live in my Evernote, but I've had to create a lot of workarounds and deal with a lot of frustrations to deal with the freezing issue. I'd be so grateful if it could finally be addressed, even if that meant users having to rebuild a whole new individual note-based database...
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