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  1. The freezing bug bites me all the time too... I frequently have to just click out and go do something else, and come back to Evernote when things have thawed out. It's frustrating, but luckily, I don't often need to make a note while on a phone call or with a time crunch, so it's been tolerable. In cases where I need to, I resort to working on the iPad rather than the computer (I keep both open most of the time). The worst of it is when I click in the search box and start typing. It pretty much ALWAYS freezes when I do that. But my EverNote is kind of huge. I have about 65,000 notes and growing. I pretty much live in my Evernote, but I've had to create a lot of workarounds and deal with a lot of frustrations to deal with the freezing issue. I'd be so grateful if it could finally be addressed, even if that meant users having to rebuild a whole new individual note-based database...
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