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  1. This is why I'm constantly torn between EverNote and Onenote - OneNote gives me the ability to color pages, add rule lines AND even background images. The fact you can then take that styled page and set it as a new page template for for the whole section is the absolute ICING on the whole experience. -Will
  2. Yeah, you have to wonder why they're forcing work chat down people's throats, considering so many people like myself have stated, they don't use EN in a "work" environment, sharing with oodles of people like that. I'm lucky if I share anything with my wife's EN account more than a handful times a year, and even then I HUNT for the email sharing button and seen the info I'm sharing using email... Unlike the main EN storage base, which is hopfully heavily protected / encrypted, maybe it's easier for them to spy on all the EN chat chatter with the folks that do use it - must be some reason why they keep forcing it on folks like it's the best thing ever invented for a note taking application... Meanwhile everyday I sit in a meeting WISHING I had a way to simutaneously take notes and record audio with the capability of adding bookmarks in the audio at the the locations I'd like to easily find again... Having just recently upgraded to the Samsung Note 5, just yesterday I was in a meeting using EN and I figured I'd try the Note 5's audio recorder which does let you bookmark during recordings - there I was task switching back and forth between EN and the recorder - workable, but hella inconvenient, and of course the bookmarks were tens of seconds later than where I wanted to place them thanks to the switching between apps. THAT's a feature I'd like to see for EN - an audio recording toolbar w/bookmarking while writing your notes as usual... At this point I will NOT be renewing my premium account which is upcoming this month - this work chat thing, and hiding al the original ways of sharing so deep to the point of inconvienence, I don't feel they deserve being rewarded with a premium account renewal... -Will
  3. Based on your post, I checked my desktop version as well, yes, I was able to drag the WC icon off the toolbar (I also dragged up the Email icon...) So yes, thanks EN for making the desktop app configurable. Thing is I never hardly notice the WC icon on my desktop version since I use it rarely and my screen is so large. It's my Android app where all my vocal complaints are coming from - I use that daily at work (I see my Andriod app is still at v5.8x.) Well hopefully EN is listening and maybe soon, we'll have an option for removing the WC icon off the mobile screen as well. -Will
  4. Frankly, I wouldn't bother to even post here, if I didn't feel strongly about the simple ability to remove the damn button off the screen, so no, I'm not exaggerating, but thanks for telling us what we're doing. Funny though that you pop in stating that WC doesn't bother you, but if you see Facebook, you're "gone" - well you must be exaggerating, because FB doesn't bother me at all since there isn't a FB button that I'll never use that I have to stare at every second I use the program. I always find it funny to see someone step into a thread, totally put down what everyone else is saying, but then post what they want from a position of higher authority... -Will
  5. Hi Theresa, while you folks are at it, can you add an option that hides the Work Chat button - really appreciate it? Thanks! ...And take care, now! -Will
  6. I'll reiterate what I had mentioned earlier in this thread. I don't believe I have "lost" any notes since my initial complaint here. Whether true or not, I feel the problems I experienced at first was due to my use of the web browser version of EverNote. Now I ONLY use my mobile app(s) and the desktop application. Other than the web clipper (in Chrome), I avoid opening EN using a web browser. And since then, I haven't noticed any problems with lost notes... -Will
  7. That sounds like a bug if the popup is persistent. Once that is cleared up, I don't imagine Work Chat will be in your way too much. I haven't needed to share anything since Work Chat was released, so honestly, I don't even notice that it is there. I have yet to see it interfere with my workflow (popups aside). A lot of people are complaining about WC and want it disabled, but none seem to be able to clearly articulate why they feel that way (other than saying "because I just do"). I'd be very interested to hear if/how Work Chat interferes with your flow (aside from popups, which are definitely frustrating) once your popup situation is resolved... Well let me (again) try and articulate why I'd simply like the option to hide / disable etc., the Work Chat feature. I don't need it. I don't use it, and for now, and the foreseeable future, I don't need it... I work at a company with over 500 people in this office alone, and as far as I know, I'm the only one that's using EN for taking my notes (on a Samsung Note 3) in meetings. Everyone else either uses their laptops w/a meeting agenda template, or they have a pen and paper. If you'd like, think of me as a lone wolf. I'd imagine a lot of folks who install EverNote on their mobile devices are the same. I can appreciate that the EN folks feel this Work Chat feature is the greatest invention since America Online, but frankly the ONLY person I'd potentially use WC with is my wife. But even then, when I want to send her something, typically a web clipping, I'll just log into her account with the EN clipper and send her what I'd like her to see that way. When I want to chat, we use Whats App... That's it, at this point in time, I don't use Work Chat. So as a user of this software, it's a constant annoyance to have a button in my face that I KNOW I'll never use. If I do ever need it, great, let me go into Options and turn it back on, it's that simple, really. All everyone in this thread is asking to just please provide an option to let us, those who feel they will never have a use for this feature, turn it off, or simply remove the button. I would frankly rather see the energy in expended in justifying a feature a lot of your users state they'll never use, into providing a way to record audio, time sync'd with any notes that are simutaneously taken. I can't imagine anyone who takes notes during meetings who couldn't use a feature that lets them jump to points within their audio recordings by clicking on some form of bookmark that can be added when writing notes during the recording. Now this could be implemented though a simple Bookmark button. BUT even here, I'm advocating that the BM button would only be visible during audio recordings. See, even I can think of ways to avoid annoying the folks that may not ever use Audio Note Sync during their audio recordings... If you were really interested in listening to your customers, you could use any of the available polling websites where you can ask all the questions you'd like about the Work Chat feature - yet your customers voice their opinions! But unlike here, and now, when you get the final answer from your customers, PLEASE implement whatever they have voted for... -Will PS - Going back and catching up on posts, I see a lot of articulation in the messages the folks are writing here...
  8. While I use EN both personally and at work, I also doubt I'll ever use this feature (I believe I'm the only one using EN at work as it is...) So while it's nice to see this new feature added (I would have preferred audio recordings time cued to the text I'm entering), I have to admit constantly having that button sittng there, especially on my Note 3, taking up valuable screen space does become annoying quickly.' That button could easily go into the triple-dot menu or better for me, a setting "Enable Work Chat Features" which can be ticked on if you really need it. -Will
  9. Well all I can say is I've only been using my phone / tablet and the desktop app (I avoid the browser app) and I haven't noticed any losses like I did in the beginning. I had a scare yesterday, because I just bought a new Surface Pro 3 and I did something new with file attachments; I have a couple of old WinOrganizer and TreeDBNotes files that I use (less frequently now) for saving my notes and passwords etc. I discovered instead of dropbox, I can attach those files in EverNote and when I dbl-click them, they open the file with the associated apps. As a bonus, when I edit those files and then save them, EverNote syncs up the changes to the stored attachment! Great stuff! So now instead of downloading from dropbox, editing and then re-uploading again, I have an easier editing experience. The fear came when I synced from my desktop and tried to sync on my Surface - I kept getting a client sync error (paraphrasing). I was praying I wasn't about to lose all the new information and file attachments I had just created (due to a sync thinking that stuff had been deleted and therefore removing it from everywhere else again!) Looking around the internet, I saw where folks with the same issue had uninstalled EN, and deleted all files out of the appdata folder - I did the same, reinstalled and the sync finally went okay (phew! I'm thinking now that it's more about deleting all the appdata files then uninstalling the app itself - they had said it was something to do with a corrupted shared document or some such??) Also at times the WiFi at my job is iffy, so I hope EverNote is smart enough to hold onto any unsaved changes until a sync completes successfully! Anyway, wish me luck with editing my saved attachments moving forward! The one thing I noticed is when a file is first drag-dropped into a note an saved, you get a nice "tile" that shows the file name and the date it was attached. When I edit the file, the date on the attachment tile does not change to reflect the latest update? As a request, it would be nice to have the tile update every time you edit / save the attachment. I'm just really glad though that this is working - great stuff, EverNote team! My remaining question on working this way is about optimization - on the Note page where I have my WinOrganizer or TreeDBNote data files, at the bottom, I have also attached the installer for the associated application. (If I ever need to edit those files on a new computer or a machine without the associated program installed, I just dbl-click the installer attachment and I'm good to go - again, great stuff!) I'm wondering though, one of my TreeDBNotes data files is 27 megs, the installer on the page is 10megs. When I'm editing the data file, I know that's pretty much a 27meg sync every time I change it. I'm wondering, since the installer attachment is on the same page, when I save the document, does EverNote also have to reupload the 10meg installer OR is it just the 27meg data file I've edited? (Would the sync be more optimized if I keep the installer attachment separately from the data document attachments?) -Will
  10. Yep, I believe I have experienced similar to that as well. I've also run into cases where notes I delete on one device are still shown on another device, then once they've "reappeared" there, they're sync'd back everywhere else. Admittedly I haven't had too many problems lately, but admittedly I don't use the PC version all that much, mostly my phone or tablet. On the PC I'm mostly clipping articles in Chrome, so I haven't been using the PC version of EN that much. -Will
  11. Let me sign in on this one as well. I just started on my Evernote journey, I'm finally seeing the light with EN but likewise, I'm getting dropped notes, note collisions and red exclamation marks next ot my sync button on the PC. I'm also using my phone (Note 3), home and work PCs (or browser) and at times my Kindle. In fact looking just know, I see a way old note I deleted two days ago with some scribbled drawing I made while playing around with the tools - frustrating, cause if I'm not careful, this way old note will be propagated back onto all my other devices again. Kinda ruins the "Evernote Zen" which seems like a wonderful place to be in, but the syncing is just holding me back from the joy. -Will
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