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  1. I think what is going here is that Samsung is giving up supporting its desktop client application and has entered into a marketing arrangement with Evernote. The Snote app on the Note 3 has a lot more functionality (data types) than the current desktop client can support and Samsung simply doesn't want to maintain bidirectional compatibility. I will bet Samsung gets a kickback whenever a Note 3 user installs the Evernote app and probably gets a bonus payment if the user upgrade to a paid Evernote subscription. I did have a chat session with Samsung Support and the only thing they would only say is their own "Samsung Account sync'ing interface no longer functions". My response was that Samsung should at a minimum update the app and take out the Samsung Account sync option. Shame that Samsung appears to be dropping support because the Evernote sync'ing option lobotomizes the SNote and it becomes a dumb image file.
  2. Just got a Galaxy Note 3. Trying to get its Snote app notes to sync with Evernote DB so I can see notes on my desktop. Why does turning on Evernote syncing in Snote require installation of Evernote android app?
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