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  1. Ah yes, I was just searching online while I was waiting... You retain copyright and any other rights you already held in your Content before you submitted, posted or displayed it on or through the Service. ~Terms of service Still, thanks for answer.
  2. I wanted to ask a few things about copyright before I upload my ideas to Evernote. I'm working on a video game, and every time I get a new idea that I'll add to my game, I need to write it down somewhere. Evernote just seems more convinient than an actual notepad, and if get a new idea when I'm away from home, I just write it down in Evernote on my smartphone, and when I come home, I can already access those notes on my PC. However, as many of you probably know already- sometimes when you upload information or pictures online, that service may get the copyright to it...for example Facebook. If you upload information or picture to facebook, they become the owners of that information etc. It's pathetic! So I want to know what's the deal with Evernote? When you upload information to Evernote is it always your ownership? Do you keep the copyright to it? I need to know before I start making any important notes... Please answer. Thanks in advance!
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