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  1. OK, I will share next weekend. @SahilC: I never remove the tags, simply move task to Completed folder. When I look for tasks they never show up as I search tasks in Action pending folder only. I also use Evernote for everything.
  2. OK, if you are interested then I can make a quick guide how to set up a lean and handy system. It will work on both iOS and Android phones. Just say yes then give me a few days. :-)
  3. Here is my friends system: He has only one notebook for all tasks: ToDo Each taskis one note. Any time a task is added, he places a checkbox to the first row. If a note includes several tasks, he puts a checkbox to every task in the note. @Context is also used as tags. When a task is done, he simply checks the checkbox. When he is looking for pending actions, he just needs to search for: todo:false -> all tasks having an empty checkbox will be shown When he is looking for completed actions, he just needs to search for: todo:true -> all tasks having a checked checkbo
  4. Actually I have 607 tasks, including those which are waiting for someone. I have roughly 70 tasks I want to do myself this month. I usually manage to clear the 1-Today every day and only a few remains in the 2-This week when I make a review. So it is not too bad, as most of the tasks are in the category 3,4 or 5. After selecting what I put into 2-This Week, I usually realize that I want to overallocate myself without any margin. Between the weekly reviews I usually check 2-ThisWeek only and during the days I only check 1-Today category together with the context. I usually make 3-4 calls in the
  5. Big fan of EN. When I combined EN & GTD, it simply raised my life to a new level...

  6. @ My weekly reviewIntro (page down to The Process if you wish :-) -I usually use desktop version at my desk, iPad on meetings and at home and iPhone in car/town or when waiting for sg. I had an Android phone before, the structure was the same. - Tasks done are moved into the Completed folder without any additional changes or editing. That was the easiest for me. -I highly rely on my saved searches. For me it is easier/quicker to handle shortcuts compared to saved search. Searches used min 2-3x a week is in the Shortcuts. I don't put all searches to shortcuts as I like to see all shortcu
  7. @mruseless: thanks for the question. I had the same with mixing 1-Now and 6-waiting for. As I love to delegate :-) it overcrowded my daily list so now I remove 1-Now when a task is delegated. I prefer setting reminders in EN for urgent tasks. If a task is delegated via email I always set an email reminder to the staff in case of a time bound. Reminder pops up a few days before the due date to make them able to deliver. :-) In my professional role I have to lead several groups of people. In case of delegation to my staff, I tag the task with the name of the person and his/her supervisor. I hav
  8. I have tasks in two notebooks: 'Actions Pending' and 'Completed'. When I complete a task, I simply move it to the 'Completed' notebook. My all saved searches make searches in the 'Actions Pending' notebook only. This way I don't have to remove any tag from the tasks completed and they don't show up in my search results.
  9. @mruseless: there was a time I used notebook for priorities (1-Now, 2-This/Next week etc). After a while I realized it became more rigid then started to use tags again. Now I am a 'tag fan'. Sometimes the lazy one. During the week I sometimes realize that the priorities needs review. It means I have to move back a task from 'this week' to 'this month'. Removing tags and moving the priority back and forth are OK, but administration can be time consuming. So, I generated the following lazy ideology: this month includes this week and today too. Which means I can accept several tags for a task
  10. @Norm3: why do you want to remove the tags when task is done? Just enjoy the results of your actions. Instead of using Actions Pending and Completed notebooks: There is another way to mark something done - you can use checkbox and check when task done. During the review you can search for notes with unchecked ones. This way you save the effort to move note from one notebook to another.
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