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  1. I'm making progress After taking time to investigate, I discovered that a specific note was the culprit I've moved it to a new notebook, exported it in .enex format and deleted from evernote Apparently everything seem to work fine again I kept the .enex file, I'm ok to send ut for investigation to Evernote staff if it can help, but I dont' know how to do it.
  2. Just finished applying all optimization recommended by @csihilling and @s2sailor Then I've performed a simple search for testing. Same issue, Evernote froze in a CPU loop for 2m30s (no I/O, nearly 25% CPU usage, I've a quad core CPU): this is simply not usable. **EDIT** Note: all this has suddenly started few weeks ago for me, everything used to perform smoothly before. And my note databases hasn't grew very much meanwhile
  3. I don't think I/O is the issue here: when My Evernote is freezing during a search, I can see, using process explorer; that it consume 100% of a CPU core and makes absolutely no I/O:
  4. Installed to check if and how it work, I'm unable to log in to my Evernote account. Activating the evernote icon opens a popup page labelled "about:blank" and nothing more
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