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  1. The old version of evernote on my android tablet works perfectly well. I can annotate pdf's within evernote and save changes. I used this alot to sign documents. Why is it not working in the new version. What snowflake decided that it wasn't an important feature. VERY disappointed with the new version of evernote on all platforms. Not saying that there are not some nice changes, but can't figure out why some features no longer work. New versions are suppose to add new features, not take them away. I am a heavy user of evernote since 2014.
  2. Hi This is the link that I used to download ver 6.25 https://evernote.en.uptodown.com/windows/versions
  3. I have decided to go back to version 6.25 ... happy chappy now
  4. Hi Mr Pingouino I also have the add-on in my outlook 2016, but it only works with the legacy version of Evernote, it does not work with the lastest version. I have just uninstalled legacy evernote and the add-on in outlook 2016 has disappeared.
  5. Congratulations Evernote!! ... you have gone from a product that I continuously praised and recommended to everyone to a product that I am ready to throw out of the window. I am majorly stressed I hate using outlook.com rather than my normal desktop outlook 2016. My ability to tag, file, add reminders to my emails has become a nightmare. The new version of evernote .... really .... has it even been tested before release? I don't like my view options, I can't change my date format to dd/mm/yy, I can't sort my notes by reminder date, the search facility has gone from simple and effective to difficult and extremely frustrating. The columns in my notes do not stay at the width that I want. The list goes on ..... fix it or I am looking for something else. Considering that I have been using Evernote for years happily keeping everything under control and now it is a disaster. Have you heard of the saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" I want my old version back (and I don't mean the legacy version either)
  6. The ability to file my outlook emails into evernote is crucial, without that addin in outlook, evernote is useless to me. Please fix this. I also do not like the fact that I can't control how I see my information. I liked having the preview of my notes at the bottom.
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