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  1. But nobody seems to care. It is very like Evernote company.
  2. I also mentioned that two accounts were accessed - they had different passwords too
  3. Only for Evernote. And I use different password for every site I visit
  4. Today I had an email saying I have suspicious account activity and have to change password. I changed password and saw in history that there was an access from Netherlands. I checked another account of mine and saw that there was an access from Netherlands there too. In February I already had my account hacked and information from there stolen. Then I installed newer windows and wiped the old one and changed all passwords. The passwords are not simple, something like ASdf23w3rw21+1vdf. What could this be? Maybe there is a data leak from Evernote servers?
  5. Installed older version. Everything OK there - https://yadi.sk/i/FZ8v8JcA3TDQZB
  6. If I search for a word, find a note and try to edit the note, the cursor looses focus on the first attempt. And I must admit, that is extremely irritating. I will try to get an older version until this bug is solved. Here is the video. On the video I am trying to edit the note putting the cursor after the word found. But it doesn't matter where you put the cursor really.
  7. It happens with many notes. And the contents are mostly text only - small amount of text
  8. When internet on the smartphone is slow - opening a note takes a very long time almost forever. When there is no internet at all - it opens immediately. I am a premium user with offline cache on. Can't you make some kind of timeout, after which the note contents will be used from cache?
  9. To the contrary/.the solution was to select "Tags" root on the Left Panel and do the dragging on the right panel. I failed because I was trying to drag on the left panel
  10. I have accidentally put tags one into another. Now I can't get them out. Here is the video - https://yadi.sk/i/obcuJOyoqLAPg
  11. Why not use the supplied password immediately, without asking. It does reuse the password for subsequent syncings all right. So why not do the same in the beginning.
  12. Oh, I aplogize too, for not understanding that you were speaking about Evernote notebooks It is because of me using localized version
  13. I am aware of ways to encrypt whole drives including OS on computer. But I am not hiding government-level sensitive data here. Just personal information which I don't want relatives or friends to access. And for that, making Evernote files less open than easily readable text format would be sufficient
  14. The "supposed" purpose of this little password prompt is probably not syncing immediately, but "allow syncing" manually. In any case, I don't see why a program should ask twice for the same password
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