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  1. ArjenC, I have the same exact issue. How did you get support? Did they actually resolve it for you? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the response. I should have provided more details. The issue or offending note can be seen everywhere except in the legacy app. I can find the note on line, on my android phone, on my Ipad and all my Windows PCs. In my case the note: Has a title but cannot be edited There is no note content in the Windows app, the web app, shows unavailable in the android and I can find but not open it on my ipad. It does not show that it's in a notebook It cannot be tagged, moved or deleted
  3. I have a similar situation with a note that only appears when I search for it. It shows that it is not in a notebook. I cannot delete it, edit or move it. It only shows up in the new version and I cannot find it in my old database!
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