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  1. I concur - please get this "Remark" field re-instated and fixed and make doing so a PRIORITY. Also, the screen capture is not working as it used to - completely weird interface - it is not allowing partial capture as well as full screen captures in Chrome. I use this feature multiple times per day and need it to work as it did. This "upgrade" is not desirable - I hope Evernote you are watching and listening to your paid customers - this is not viewed as an "upgrade" by us.
  2. I simply want to concur with other users here - Evernote, I hope you are listening - you're paid users are voicing their concern over this update - please bring back critical functionality that people use ASAP. The "Remark" field I use many times a day - having to go over to clips in Evernote the app is a hassle. I want to be able to do this while on the clip that I have just done.
  3. I'm on OSX (Mac) and the clipper DOES work as it used to with Safari. So it appears that this change is only on Chrome for now. I really hope the developers consider what this change does to the user experience in general with Evernote - these are features I use many times per day and when they make me work a lot more the to get the same functionality as I did yesterday, that's obviously disappointing. Sometimes, the old adage "if ain't broke, don't fix it" applies - and this appears to be case here with the Web Clipper with Chrome. Please bring back what worked great yesterday!
  4. It appears the interface for the screen capture has changed a great deal on the new version. This is a feature I use literally multiple times per day. The apparent inability to easily do a full screen capture is either a misinterpretation on my part (meaning perhaps I don't understand the new version well enough yet) or a feature that will be sorely missed. This was a key feature of the clipper. If it is much more difficult or impossible to do now, this tool has degraded in value. Please consider bringing back the feature that would easily allow a user to either do full screen clip or a range with ease, and it used to be yesterday.
  5. I just noticed that the ability to take a note while on the web clip is missing on new version. This is an important function that I used a lot. Please bring it back. Sometimes the delay of having to go over the app in the real world is enough that the note is then "diluted" in it's value. Instead, if the note feature is right there while the clip is being done then there's the ability to make observations with the data at hand. Please bring this feature back ASAP.
  6. This comment feature while on the note you are clipping is vital - it's a hassle to not be able to do this WHILE on the note. Sometimes the information is dynamic from the page being captured and if we are able to write a small note while there - it's very helpful. Also, the Screen Capture doesn't apparently allow a full screen capture as it used to - it's a fraction of the screen. Unless I'm not understanding how this works, it appears to be much less functional than it was yesterday (I use this feature constantly each day) - It's important to get the "WHOLE" screen, not a fraction. Not liking this update at all. Please revert to what we all loved.
  7. Ok, well good to know it's not something I missed somehow :). Thanks for response S2Sailer!
  8. I looked again and can't see where signature is supposed to be according to the above posts - this is what I see: https://www.evernote.com/l/ABIdnjkTqDdCX75EdWSAh56MLAQSuAtNgM8
  9. I am having the same trouble - I don't see signature listed when I follow the directions listed above. There was a signature under this post and I changed the tool to right to not display and now it has disappeared - not ability to add or remove it - poof! Please advise.
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