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  1. Ok. A web page that showed 794 KB when I clipped it (and for some reason was duplicated) updated and downloaded the high resolution images instead of the thumbnail images...48MB of data...
  2. ok. But As I said before, I didn't change anything, just added a couple of notes from clipper not more than 1MB in total...
  3. thank you for your response. But I didn't do any of that. Barely used it as i put on the message. It happened to me this thing some years ago but I don't remember what I did. It was something deleting a file in /user/app etc. I tried all the recommendations and nothing happened. I installed the new version which moved the database to /documents/evernote. So, you're saying that every time evernote syncs it consumes data, even if it did not add new content?
  4. Hello. I'm a basic user with Win 7 desktop and iphone. My resetting date is every 7th of the month. I didn't upload anything since then until today, about 1 MB notes from clipper, and the system says that I have almost reached the 60 MB limit. I logged in into the web and it says the same. I tried adding a small note from the web and nothing changed, even logging off and logging on. Any help?
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