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  1. OK excellent, thanks very much, yes I am using windows. That looks a good idea about the note 01-01-3000...just one slight problem...what if I live to that age, it might get lost amongst all of my other notes...is it not better to write 01.01.4000??? Only joking. Thanks for your help, I hadn't thought about the note idea. Cheers.
  2. Hello, first post here. Is there such a thing or has there ever been a "Back to top" button...or maybe a shortcut? If not, could one be developed please? It's just that as I have so many notes, increasing by the day, if I search for a note and it's one of the first I ever wrote, I find myself at the bottom of the note list. I have a few automated notes that arrive, and I like to check that they are OK before they work their way down the list, and get lost until I search for them later. I know that I can just grab the side bar and move to the top...and it appears that I am very lazy, but a "Back to top" button in the toolbar would be great. Any thoughts please? Thanks.
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