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  1. This has been discussed on the board before. It's not so much a question as if others would find it helpful as it is will Evernote ever add this feature. Based on what I know about Evernote in the past ~six years, I'd say it's doubtful this would be added any time soon, if ever. \ Whatever - not giving up - the squeaky wheel gets the grease and the lack of color code (or randomizing) options is totally ridiculous.
  2. I honestly considered dropping evernote for Springpad because of this issue, then Springpad died and I had to export everything back to evernote. SEriously cannot imagine why this is such a tall order. I've been a premium member forever, at least respond to these requests Evernote. Think I'm going to start posting on the FB wall....
  3. Great question, was just wondering the same thing for the EXACT same reason. by the way, it's annoying when you ask a legitimate question like this and inevitably people ask "why on earth would you want/need to do that" about the myriad things you can't do on Evernote (e.g. color code so you can actually find things, randomize note order, etc.)
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