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  1. I am having an issue consistantly syncronizing HL7 messages where Evernote complains about "invalid characters". I assume, Evernote cannot escape | or ~ or ^ which are common delimeters in HL7 communications. Is this a known issue, with a path to a resolution soon? example : MSH|^~\&|MESA_ADT|XYZ_ADMITTING|MESA_OF|XYZ_DEPARTMENT|||ADT^A45|131103|P|2.3.1||||| EVN||20130429142100||||20130429142100| PID|||0206352^^^DCMH||LOPEZ^DEMETRIA ANTONIO|||M||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| PV1||OP|||||||||||||||||806128|||||||||||||||||||||||||20130426112400|||||||V| Thanks, Scott
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