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  1. Here's a list of items I'd love to be able to do in Penultimate. Everything in Skitch. I want fewer apps, not more. I find Skitch difficult and a pain to use, plus it simply doesn't work nearly as well as Penultimate. It would be great if I could import a .pdf document into Penultimate and marked it up, or take notes on it - either as a page within a notebook or as its own seperate notebook. I review lots of written documents, reports, etc. Right now, I use a competitor product of Penultimate - noteshelf - to handle all of that. I think generally speaking, Penultimate works much better (my recent problems with calibration aside) Better organization and filing of notebooks: I have been using Penultimate for nearly all of my note taking - both professional and personal - since March. It would be great if instead of just having a list of all the variou snotebooks I have, there was a way to organize them via folders/shelves/etc by subject. For instance, I would love to have all my personal notebooks in a seperate folder than my work notebooks. With work, I'd love to then be able to organize the notebooks in subfolders based on either the subject and/or the client. Same with Personal notebooks. I have various notebooks for projects around the house, for the little league teams I manage, for my boat (I have a notebook on repairs/maintenance/projects) as well as a log of my travels. It would be MUCH more efficient if I could have them each organized by subfolder - and perhaps with some form of hotlink or bookmark to the ones I use the most, rather than having to wade through dozens of different notebooks every time I take notes. Merge Notebooks together: I have some duplicate notebooks on the same subjects. Would love to be able to merge them all into a single notebook. Increased ink and pen width: I greatly appreciate the ease of using penultimates current choice of colors and pen widths. However, there should also be a way to add more colors if needed, or a greater assortment of pen widths and/or textures. Cut Paste & Resize: Sometimes, I write something and I want to move it elsewhere. Its easy to cut and paste it, but if I want to move it to a place without as much room - or to a page where I wrote everything while in the zoom mode - it would be very helpful to be able to resize a selection (perhaps by zooming in/out with fingers) after cutting it and prior to pasting it Better recognition of writing on the side: Penultimate doesn't react well if I turn my iPad on its side and try to write a note vertically in the margins of the paper.
  2. I've had Penultimate on my iPad Mini Retina since I purchased it in March. It is generally a fantastic product, and has eliminated my use of notebooks completely. I probably get more people coming up and asking me about it than any other thing I've ever had. In fact, there are at least a half dozen senior Obama Administration officials (in various agencies) that are using Penultimate (or at least have tried it out) after seeing me use it in a meeting. It really is a game changer (for me at least) and something lots of people notice and immediately figure out. I don't have the penultimate bluetooth stylus, but have instead been using an Adoint Jot Pro which until recently has worked perfectly. In any case, over the last two weeks or so, it seems that its become more trouble than its worth. I'm not sure what happened, but I've noticed that: It has a VERY difficult time recognizing that that the stylus is touching the screen,Accurately recognizing and replicating on the screen my pen strokes (ie: I get partial letters, or no letters/lines showing up)The wrist protetion seems to have disappeared and what used to work perfectly for me all of a sudden places unwanted marks all over the pageThe auto movement of the page has sped up considerably (it actually is moving much faster than I write)If I turn the auto movement off (I hit the anchor button), it becomes very difficult to use my two fingers to move around the page: that is it either only recognizes a single finger (and places a line on the page) or it will move to where I want it, but as soon as I lift my fingers off the screen with either jump back to where it had been, or jump back to a full page view instead of the zoomed in view).I don't know if there was an app update recently. It seems to me that perhaps there should be a way to re-calibrate the program and how you write with it, but I've not found any way to do that other than for people using the Penultimate branded bluetooth stylus (and I'm not paying $80 for a stylus). Any thoughts or advice would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks!
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