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  1. BurgersNFries,


    Thank you for your many useful advises.


    Comments made me a little uneasy is the upload limit.

    Is cases like below calculated to upload limit?


    - rename of note

    - rename of notebook

    - change of stack structure of notebook

    - change of notebook

    - change of tag

  2. Maybe I made you misunderstand. Sorry.


    Yes, I'm talking about the notebook and its stack structure at the leftmost panel.

    I made too many notebooks and stacks, so want to categorize, integrate and rename them.


    The way in my mind is to export the structure of notebooks and stacks to Excel file, and then consider new names of notebooks and stacks.

    I cannot select and copy command at the leftmost panel. That's why I asked this question.


    If you have any good idea, please advise.

  3. Can I get or export list of my notebooks with nest structure?


    I want to make a structure change and organize my notebooks.

    The next step will be organizing notes, but first notebooks should be organized I think.



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