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  1. There is an option but you probably won't like it much. Email. Email all notes you need to backup and when you signin to your email client you should be able to save the attachments to your computer. No attachment then you would need to copy and past to a word document or OneNote. This is what I did before I downloaded Evernote to my computer. However my desktop EN is extremely slow! I have roughly 800 notes and am on the rise every day so will probably do away with the desktop client because if it's already this slow (& it's extremely time wastingly slow) then it defeats the purpose of making my life easier and stress free. I also tried taskclone and others of the like what a joke for people with attachments! My notes were a jumbled mess with attachments separated from the note I typed in EN. Long story short there is generally a way around certain things but it usually isn't easy. Maybe someone will chime in with a better solution, I could use as well. I backup all my notes to OneNote & OneDrive (copy paste or email) just to be safe. Seems redundant but I have a lot of important info (as do most people) that if lost would be castrophic to me & the company I work for. I only back up things that would make loose my mind if it was lost, I can go on living without my grocery list. I hope this helps and good luck! Oh and sorry I tend to be long winded or long typed, whatever you get the point!
  2. Shookie I've read GTD and the information on TSW. I implemented the TSW system but after a few weeks I found myself realizing as well that for quick notes it was a little overkill and having to see my 500+ notes every time I checked my next task was not good for my OCD like tendency. I can see where it is good for certain people but not for me. So when it came time for me to do my yearly GTD cleanup I made sure I had a new plan in place. What works for me is a combination of Evernote (filing cabinet for must keep info), Nozbe (task & project tracker) and OneNote (actual planning and implementation of a project). If you have not looked into Nozbe it might be worth your time. Nozbe syncs with Evernote, Dropbox & web links. Plus if you create a note in Evernote & you add a reminder it will automatically add it to your Nozbe task list. It also lets you collaborate on protects, which I love! The only limitation to the free account is you can only have up to 5 project list at one time. It's simple enough that it will only take about 20 minutes before you are really comfortable with it but has some pretty great features as mentioned. They are on the ball to answer questions. I asked a how to Q via twitter & within 15 minutes had a response. It has a desktop download, web, iPhone, iPad and android app. I think you have to remember with any system its not one size fits all. You will have to do what best suits your needs. Good luck!
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