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  1. I have been a loyal Evernote customer/user for years, and have watched on in frustration as this request has not been addressed. It is commented on in numerous online reviews and podcasts, and YouTube shows, but all changes/updates Evernote makes seem to take EN in other directions that don’t help iOS users that would represent an important group. Frustratingly, I recall this feature once was available years ago in EN iOS, but was removed (but stayed available in android and other platforms), and was available in now defunct third party EN apps (Clever note?) which I tried using in desperation. I think, for me, it is too late. Notion is on the horizon and it has almost all features I want. Including nested features. Their apps are not perfect and that is the reason that I am using Evernote. So hurry up. Grtz. Frans
  2. Hallo, I am using Evernote for more than 4 years and after reading Michael Hyatt his excellent blogpost called: How I organize Evernote, A peek inside My Personal System Michael Hyatt how I organize Evernote So, I changed from Notebooks to tags, and it is great......... on my MAC, but searching and using tags on my IOS devices are unfortunately not so. NO nested tags. Even Scannabel does not support tags al all. Boys and girls at Evernote: hurry up!!!!! You are lucky that OneNote (at this moment) has an awful tags system) greetings from the Netherlands
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