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  1. Ahhhh.... so after reading several different posts.... (thank you everyone) I have retrieved all my notes! ****HAPPY DANCE**** OK, so in case this can help someone this is what happened. my original email was... firstname.lastname@company.com this made my user name default "firstname-lastname" When I changed my email address in the account settings my email was now firstnamelastname12@email.com which now defaulted my user name to "firstnamelastname12" When I tried logging in with the new account settings it brought everything up blank. From some further reading it was said that the original user name is still attached to the account, even though you don't see it in the account settings. Luckily when I checked my phone my notes were still there so I looked at my original user name "firstname-lastname". I logged in with that and they all came back. Logged in this way on my iPad and they also all came back. Thanks to everyone for your help in solving this issue... just in time for my meeting tomorrow.
  2. Thanks BurgersNFries... I have done that as well.
  3. I logged into my account and into account preferences and changed it there. HOWEVER.. I did take you suggestion and tried to log in with my work email and got "wrong password" message so I attempted a password reset and got "There is no user available for this username or email." (Just to confirm that I didn't create a new account.) Thank you for the reply though... any other suggestions greatly appreciated though.
  4. Hi, I tried to change my email address in my account. I was using my business email and I wanted to change it to my personal email address. Now that I have done this, I have lost ALLLLLLL my notes ****CRIES HEAVILY**** PLEASE HELP! Thank you kindly!
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