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  1. Amazing EN. Glad to see you finally FOCUS on what you do best, notes, sync, and search. There was no excuse for EN to lag on its editing features for too long and too far behind. Truly, wish you the best. For myself, I have 2 premium accounts and was planning to have them expire. However, I held off after reading your CEO's newest blog entry regarding your renewed focus. I did migrate my content to ON. But I would love to be able to move back to EN if the editing features continue to grow. Shortcuts worked fine. Image editing features mostly ok except ... 1) The resize image marker and the hover icons only appear after closing and reopening the note .I do not see them when pasting an image in a brand new note editor window. Is this the expected behavior? 2) Hovering over image shows no icons to rotate or do anything. However, when I right-click and choose rotate, hovering from that point forward shows the icons. 3) Isn't ctrl+z supposed to undo the rotate? Mine does not. 4) Right-clicking and choosing 'annotate this image' does nothing. Choosing 'annotating a copy of this image' works fine. I know you probably have a lot on you hand and I see that other users did not hesitate to suggest new features. I would also like to chip in if I may. My primary pain-point with EN was the lack of features support authoring long documents. I needed to be able to outline such document using headers and be able to expand collapse them as per my need at the time of reading it. Hope these features finds its way onto the app. Great to be part of the 'new' EN.
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