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  1. I'm on linux, with no access to a native client because evernote doesn't care about the platform, so only web client remains, and web client apparently just doesn't have tables management, so I'm stuck with delete a note completely just to edit a table
  2. came here because I'm stuck on web client for some notes I still have on evernote (moved away a lot of things from this, sadly now very crappy, service) and I've discovered I just cannote delete or modify a table... this is really a nonsense. well I'll start from scratch on onenote where I have now most of my data (or on joplin, that seems promising https://joplin.cozic.net/)
  3. I still don't trust EN, don't like the free tier restrictions (in respect of not having provided a "middle" tier that allows only unlimited synced devices) and will still move away/reduce the content placed in EN. BUT In this case I appreciate the decision to reconsider this stupid idea, well done
  4. Well they deserve this! All this matter is very bad, and has been badly communicated! My account has already been lost, last time I paid only to not be left out until I finish moving my data away, and this new "feature" isn't going to make me change my mind. This idea seems really fishy to me, as I said before I don't trust EN anymore. If they wanted to test something they should have created a beta testing program, making this feature opt-in, not opt-out!!!!
  5. This is another reason to move away, I've already given you one year of premium after that stupid limitation of the free tier in order to move away safely, I guess it's time to accelerate the process. In the meantime I've already opted-out of your "improved experience" but I don't trust you anymore, sorry!
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