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  1. agree. should be able to sort by reminder date and time. should be able to assign date and time to multiple selected reminders at once. should be to change date and time to multiple selected reminders at one time should be able to mark "completed" to multiple selected reminders at one time.
  2. I agree having shortcut keys to set reminder date and time would be helpful. also a way to batch tag and set/change reminder date and time is needed. I am a premium user.
  3. I agree. being able to select multiple notes and assign them a reminder date should be easy to do and is much desired.
  4. sorry; pressed enter too early. features Evernote should be able to add easily regarding reminder date that would improve the functionality. 1. should be able to select multiple notes and set/update the reminder date for them at one time. 2. reminder date should be able to be continuously displayed in iOS version (instead of truncated pop-up list 3. should be able to sort list of reminders in ascending order, just like it is in Android and MAC versions
  5. I also agree that the reminder date function does not provide what is desired in a due date. I also would want a separate due date. even with just a reminder date feature, here are some of the things we should be able to do with it:
  6. I've tried Gneo. the best thing about Gneo is it tries to put info from both Evernote and Google Calendar in one "place" (app). another unique feature about Gneo is that you can graphically move an item from one "important" "urgent" quadrant to another.... if you have that philosophy. one weakness about Gneo is that it looks very stark. the fatal weakness with Gneo is that it doesn't sync with Evernote reliably.
  7. another date field--be it "due date' or "occurrence date" would be very helpful. it should also be modifiable easily. i.e., the "created date" and "modified date" fields should be associated with a calender when viewing in the "info" window.... this would also help avoid data entry errors
  8. I understand why Evernote wants to keep it's app current with the more recent OS's. I have been using Evernote for at least 12 months, albeit most of the time not as a Premium user. I recently had a technical problem which ultimately led to the support desk saying, "oh that's because you're not using Mavericks." It would have been helpful for both the Evernote technical support and me, if Evernote had just sent an announcement to all Evernote users on the MAC about the OS support change, instead of expecting them to reliably log into and read the posts in this forum.
  9. I enthusiastically agree that a due date field would be very helpful. if the due date field were like the created date field (editable by looking up the info for the note, it would be even more helpful if: 1. the due date could be modifed by clicking on a "cell" in the reminder note view 2. we could sort by due dates in the reminder note view.
  10. I agree. having ability to assign reminder date to multiple notes at once would be helpful. as would having a reminder date field in the top list view.
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