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  1. Hi, Thanks for the fast reply, Yes I have it on my laptop, I tried to download it to my galaxy s3, it seems to be stuck in widgets and have tried to drag it from widgets but won't budge. Did it again as I though I may have messed up, this was when I got the message about Linux (?) not compatible. Intention is to get laptop to link to galaxy phone to then get the gear so I can get into meeting messages. Out of interest, would I be able to read evernote on a Galaxy gear watch ? Thank you for replying by the way, look forward to any advice.
  2. Please can you help, I have downloaded evernote to my main Samsung pc, Oh I am in the UK by the way, if that should make a difference. Then I got an email saying click the link from the device I want to link to. Got my phone, went onto my emails, found the email with this instruction and tried to download. It then came up with a message saying not supported by Linux (?) But in the widget bit of my phone there was evernote. I then tried to drag it to where the rest of my widgets etc are, but would not move, kept saying no room on this page. Now I haven't a clue what to do ? Please advise,
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