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  1. This is driving me mad. If it wasn't for the fact that I really appreciate the summary I'd annotate elsewhere. I've just wasted half an hour with nothing to show for it, AND I'm working on a time sensitive project! FIX THIS.
  2. Typescript: pages created with a typewriter which were then digitised through scanning. There does seem to be a certain built in OCR, as it were, as Preview was able to do a certain amount with the original downloaded documents. Only it crashed. Thank you, Apple. I did try saving and deleting and re importing and that does seem to work- but it's irritating in that I am then unable to modify the pdf any further, either within evernote itself or anywhere else without repeating the delete/reimport workflow. I'll try again with a different pdf and see what happens; if it continues to be problematic I will contact support because this is just silly.
  3. Initially I was annotating a file of @ 10mb within Evernote itself on my iPad. That works ok for the occasional bit of marking- to clarify, I'm drawing a line beside interesting points rather than highlighting the actual text itself- but I ran into the issue where evernote crashed if I tried to do multiple markings, and if you save every time then you lose your place and it is S L O W. Fine, I thought, maybe it would be better to do the markup elsewhere and re-import into evernote. On the first version of the file I tried I had it in and out of various apps ( good reader, skitch, pdfexpert) and attributed the ginormous file size to that. So I tried again, this time wholly within good reader, then importing. Same problem. Having said that, I shouldn't have been getting the size error in any case because the files in question were never any larger than 60mb, although that still seems too large for a pdf with a few lines drawn on it! Oh, and it's one note per pdf, I'm not combining them all. H'mm, that file size for a single pdf containing scans of around 200 typescript pages does seem a bit much.... Just checked the file sizes of the imported but as yet unmarked PDFs, and they're all a more reasonable 5 - 20mb. I downloaded the PDFs from an online repository, btw, I didn't scan and OCR them myself. Is any of that any help?
  4. Hi, I'm starting a research project and have managed to secure several sources as PDFs of typescript. I uploaded them to Evernote and the servers did their magic and my PDFs were searchable- I'm a premium subscriber, btw. I then proceeded to highlight them. Fine to a point- everything started to grind, regardless of whether I was on my iPad or rMBP. Then I started getting messages about reaching my note limit, despite the fact that my pdf was still well under 100mb. What's with that?! I did a quick search and read that a pdf that has been made searchable remains searchable even when the note is moved to a local notebook, AND this would remove the 100mb nag screen that's been driving me up the wall. Only it didn't work. I'm not getting hits for terms I know are in that pdf and which were found in that pdf previously. What am I doing wrong? Have I misunderstood? Also, how do you navigate between search term matches in the note? I have poor eyesight, I don't want to be squinting for a little box. Is there a way to switch between? I have to say I'm disappointed. I've used evernote casually for some time and with great success, but now that I want to use it professionally it really seems to be creaking. Granted, part of it may be Mavericks- I was getting so frustrated with EN I tried my old copy of Devonthink Pro (re downloaded, re installed) and it was even worse!
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