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  1. hi, this looks one of the most useful update to the date. but i have a big problem. i have galaxy s2 (gt-i9100) running 2.3.3 and live in india. when i installed and run latest version of evernote and tried to create a note with handwriting, i didn't see the pen icon. i tried paperclip icon on top and it didn't show any option for handwriting so i selected "show more" from that menu but it didn't show either. after that i tried evernote on my wife's galaxy grand (gt-i9082) running 4.1.2 and logged in with my account. when i created a note in there it showed the handwriting option and i created one using that. then i synced it with my galaxy s2, it showed the note with handwriting there and i selected it to edit. but when i clicked the handwritten portion in the note it showed me as and .jpeg file so that meant i couldn't edit it either. please someone help me on this problem. i want to use handwriting in my galaxy s2 'cause i work on a construction site and there i need to write down various notes on the go and this addition of handwriting will help me a lot. so please help me solve this problem.
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