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  1. No argument here. As I mentioned, my method is essentially TSW. I love seeing exactly how other people use Evernote, even down the specific verbiage used and ordering of stacks, notebooks, and tags. Thus, I shared exactly how I use Evernote.
  2. I work in Corporate America. I invest in real estate on the side. I am married with no kids. I am quite OCD, especially about organization. I have spent countless hours researching how other people use Evernote to 'remember everything' and 'get things done'. I have spent significantly more hours setting up this system than I have saved using this system. Hopefully that will change. Anyway, I wanted to share how I organize Evernote, which is really just The Secret Weapon (TSW) slightly tweaked for my personal needs. This system, in my opinion, limits decisions points (i.e., where should I put
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