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  1. Thanks for the quick reply, Scott! I won't be worried about word counts, but tracking things by theme will be critical. I will probably have more than 10 interviews, but I'm not sure how many -- Grounded Theory: You don't know what you need until you know you need it. In Grounded Theory, you start coding categories of your data and then add properties to those categories. e.g. Sky Color: blue, gray, white This would require me to probably identify chunks of interviews and/or observations for categories and then parts of those as properties. You also write memos which also become data (and this is where I think Evernote will be HUGE because I would be able to write memos any time and anywhere that an idea struck me and it could immediately become part of my data. If I use nVivo, I have to write it down, then enter it into nVivo and code it after the fact. Certainly, I can identify my codes in the handwritten note, but... The Ethics piece is not something I had thought about. My topic (Teacher Communities of Practice) is not a "delicate legal subject", but I do have to consider the fact that I will probably have to notify participants that their data will be stored in the cloud as opposed to a private server (which NVivo does provide for). And this could influence their decision to participate. You said: My coding strategy with the small amount of data described above was mostly through the use of bold, highlight, and extracting text into notes devoted to particular themes (note links are helpful here as a form of "citation" in these aggregated "theme" notes. Were you able to search on specific, bolded words, then? That is, could "bold" be part of your search criteria? You said: What I appreciated most was that my field jottings and notes, which were hand written, were indexed and searchable (along with all the typed up interview transcriptions of course). Yes, I like this feature, too. As well as being able to capture pictures, title them and/or write about them, and have that be captured as well. Another question, did you use Basic or Premium? Thanks! Barb
  2. Hi, I'm trying to identify my method for capturing and analyzing data for my Grounded Theory study. I have a feeling that nVivo is the way to go, but I'm also wondering about using Evernote as a way to capture interviews, tag them, create memos, etc. Has anyone tried this? Thx!
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