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  1. Hi i can't add tags in web client. Linux mint 18 , chrome(Version 72.0.3626.81 (Official Build) (64-bit)) , I also have firefox but can only run the old version of the html client as browser isn't supported. the old version does work with tags. If i click at the top where the maximise screen button is. no tag option appears. The only way to select notebook is to use the 3 dots to move note to desired notebook,
  2. I would like to add my vote and this issue still remains as of August 2018. Many of my notes are quite wide as i have a wide table and when i view these in the HTML version of evernote (i'm on Linux) the best way to view them is to zoom out but the width of the note is limited in width. I assume it's limited to the 800 px mentioned here.
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