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  1. How do I go between multiple search results in a note now? When I do a global search, it finds all notes with the keywords, but when I select a note, it shows the 1st one only. Then I have to either scroll and try to find the others in that note or do a CTRL-F to create a new search inside that note. Since the global search found all keywords in a note, how can I just use a keyboard shortcut to run through them? I do not see a way to do that.
  2. Over the past month none of my search words are being highlighted and none of the search results are being targeted in the results window. It'll show me which notebook has the result, but I have to go to each one separately and do a search for the keyword. Very time consuming. Before I could select a notebook result and go to the notebook and all the keywords would be highlighted (until I clicked in the notebook, which is a pain). What changed? Using version under Win 10.
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