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  1. Over the past month none of my search words are being highlighted and none of the search results are being targeted in the results window. It'll show me which notebook has the result, but I have to go to each one separately and do a search for the keyword. Very time consuming. Before I could select a notebook result and go to the notebook and all the keywords would be highlighted (until I clicked in the notebook, which is a pain). What changed? Using version under Win 10.
  2. I still find searching notes to be a problem for me. I have long notes and when I type in a search phrase, EN finds results but I have to scroll through screens of information looking for a not too bright yellow highlight. I see no way to tab through the results in the right window and just scroll through all the results between all the notes. I have to start a new search each time in each note if I want to do Next/Previous. Plus, as soon as I put my cursor into a note, all the search results disappear and I have to start all over again. Very cumbersome. Perhaps a good look at the best ever free-form note manager, InfoSelect, would help the design. Those guys had searching free-form notes down perfectly. Unfortunately, they are not supporting the product any longer. I still use it while trying to get used to Evernote, but wow is the searching in Evernote everawkward.
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