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  1. BurgersNFries - I did as you suggest. Thank you for your recommendation
  2. jetifo - you really are quite amazing. You'll do anything and everything to avoid saying "I'm sorry" to anyone, won't you? I ran a support team. That included forums. It was the entire support experience. So I know about forums, volunteers, and evangelists. You now have at least two people, and if I'm to believed about my "private" conversation, three people saying that we don't like the way the moderators and evangelists are treating people on the forum. And rather than hear and acknowledge that, you insist on countering my every post. The easiest thing in the world would have
  3. BurgersNFries - read my reply to jefito. I didn't quote you out of context. I read the entire 15 pages of posts on this thread, and I saw multiple instances of abuse and piling to this customer, including yours. Your earlier immediate response to my first post suggests a certain sensitivity here. By my reading, the customer said repeatedly that he had shared the ticket number with an Evernote employee, but didn't want to share it with non-Evernote employees. Now whether he had or hadn't done so, I don't know, but I do know that real support reps wouldn't treat a customer the way he was tr
  4. jefito - Fascinating. I don't imagine you realize how what you wrote came across. For example, "If you have an actual Evernote-related question or issue..." comes across to me as, "if you have a legitimate product question, ask it, otherwise shut up and mind your own business." I hope that's not what you meant, but that's how I took it. I received a private message from another forum member titled, "You are so very right!" I won't quote any more because I don't want to "out" the person who clearly is concerned about airing his/her opinions on this forum because of the response and some p
  5. BurgersNFries - to quote your own response to this person: If you had done this from the get go, it would have expedited someone getting back to you. Guess you just like to prolong your misery. If you're this "helpful" with EN support, it will probably be a week or two before they get your issue resolved. Good luck. Maybe I'm misintepreting your response.
  6. As a new Evernote user, I read some of this thread, and I have to say I saw 4-5 different people piling on and abusing this guy, and they're not even Evernote employees. It wasn't very encouraging. Maybe such people shouldn't be on the forum, if they can't keep a positive and professional persona.
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